Will jUiUj.com be profitable for adsense publishers?

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Will jUiUj.com be profitable for adsense publishers?

I understand at least two concerns about jUiUj.com you may have:

1. the type of content (lost properties listings) won't have mass appeal, so traffic will stay low
2. if I refer one person, he/she will post once or twice and that will be it

so my answer is:

1. firstly there is another type of content on this site, it's Future News, this is made mainly for people like you who want to publish on the site, you will simply have to anticipate future topics, such as seasonal events or anniversaries, this is easy to find topics to post content about once you get into the habit of looking for topic ideas one to three months ahead. Secondly, the mass appeal is very important for this site, so the promotion needs to be heavy, the site needs to have hundreds of visitors for a few content pages posted, and I will provide this traffic through linking from other sites I have but with the help of referrers things will move forward faster. But I understand your concern and that's why for this particular concern of yours, you need to have some faith, or just sit back and see how the site's traffic evolves, the web traffic stats are public like on best reviewer, but then you'll have missed the initial momentum. But it's never too late to do good :-)
I think at the beginning we can't count on Google to send any significant traffic. But once the site reaches a given size, imagine how the content will look to Google, it will mix properties names with location names, also with color, general category, details and purchase price... multiply that by hundreds or thousands of pages and you'll have a variety of pages and texts, that is bound to attract more and more search traffic, and some of it will convert as new content creation. The problem is only at the beginning, like many sites anyway :-)

2. Yes. So you want to refer mainly other adsense publishers. If you refer also normal users, you have to remember that they too have an incentive to refer people to the site and that is the link to their profile being displayed on all their referal's pages, so that if they've lost something, by referring other people, they have more chances of finding back their properties (that's how I'll write it on the site anyway)... Also note that users can not only post stolen, lost and found properties, but it's recommended to them that they also list the properties they own for safety purposes, so that they'll have all the details handy and will simply have to move the property listing from SAFETY LISTING to LOST or STOLEN. But yes I admit that this type of content will be harder to get produced than on best reviewer, because it is mainly not for online earnings. But still, when you've lost a property that is important to you such as a laptop stolen with personal data not backed up such as family photos, you want to do anything that could get your property back, even for the cost of a reward.
So to sumarize, it's true that you need to target other adsense publishers when you send people to your referral link, but remember that also non adsense users can benefit from referring other people and posting more pages themselves. But of course they'll do it much less on average than adsense publishers.

So will jUiUj.com be profitable in terms of adsense earnings? My hope is yes, but I can't say for sure, time will tell :-)

Do you have other concerns about the site? Do you disagree with my (optimistic) view on how the things will go for this site? You don't want to be associated with this site because you find it ___ ? Tell me in the comments please.

So you want me to list my valuables in case they get stolen? Surely listing valuable things on the Internet will encourage them to be stolen.

Point number 2. If you lose something, you don't know if it's lost of stolen, so shouldn't you have one category for lost/stolen?

You don't have to display your address, so the safety listings are anonymous.
It's to save your object informations such as serial number, so you won't have to look for it in your papers in case something happen to it.
I've put the stolen and lost different categories because those are important keywords, so they deserve to be each on the pages, and also often you list your lost animal as lost, and you can forget something in a taxi, train and know you've forgotten it.

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