Why can't we disclose AdSense stats? Just wondering..

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Why can't we disclose AdSense stats? Just wondering..

Hello, do you have an idea why Adsense's TOS says that we are not allowed to disclose precise stats taken from Adsense? The only thing we are allowed to disclose is our gross earnings, like how much we earn per month or per day. But they say that we can't disclose CPC, CTR, CPM informations.

Why is that?

Maybe they don't want us to share which niches are good paying, but on the other hand they provide the Adwords Keyword Tool which gives us about the same information, only less precise than if we could discuss freely about our own stats between adsense publishers.

I don't know if I'm using the Adwords Keyword Tool right, particularly the Competition column. For example, I type words related to energy saving, and then I see that sustainable energy and renewable energy have million searches, but little or no competition. So I get excited. But when I type the words on the Google seach bar, more than 6 million results appear. Why is that? Thanks.

By the way, James, can you tell us the top categories on Best-Reviewer? Or is this confidential too? Thanks again.

In the adwords keyword tool, the competition is not between webmasters, it's between advertizers on the adwords system. So from your perspective, you want to target topics with average to high competition, it means advertizers are bidding more and more in order to be in the top locations.

About your second question, I don't get it, you ask for the top categories on best reviewer, but what does it mean "top" ? The traffic stats are public, as you can see here:
And the top categories (the ones with most posted content) are here:
As for which category earns the most, I haven't done anything related to using adsense custom channels in relation to the category of my site, so really I don't have stats about specific categories.

Gosh! That's a big one! Super super wrong assumption by me -- about competition. Am so shocked. So dumb of me. Been choosing the keywords with no or little competition! Just fortunate, some were ok. It's good I asked you! Thank you very much James!

Yes, I now realize my question about categories was vague. I should have asked the Most Searched Topics on Best-Reviewer. I looked again at extreme-tracking, and yes, I saw the queries on Google -- I missed them before. Thanks again James.

You're welcome. Google adwords keywords tool should always be used together with google insights in order to identify best choices between cpc and traffic potential.
I should add a link to adwords keywords tool in the member's menu on the right column.

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