A whole new level of revenue with Chitika, really? YES!!!

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A whole new level of revenue with Chitika, really? YES!!!

Following My Google AdSense account being disabled someone from Chitika offered me via Facebook comments to bring my revenue to a whole new level by becoming a Chitika publisher today..

What? A whole new level? That's great! I'm all for it!

"Chitika allows you to display ads on your website, blog, app or mobile site, with content from our high-quality network of advertisers. Chitika offers search-targeted, mobile, and local ads to best target your users. Become a publisher today and bring your revenue to whole new level with Chitika."

So I've put a Chitika ad unit to replace my AdSense ad unit. Same location, same size, same traffic..

I won't go into details about AdSense earnings because I don't have access to my account anymore, so I can't give you precise stats about this ad unit like I could before (well I couldn't because of the adsense rules prohibiting talking about any specific stats) but I think I can show you the Chitika earnings stats and just for your information, as you know probably if you're a member of Best-Reviewer.com and have your adsense ads displayed on the site, the CPC is over $0.2 which for me was good, because I think a CPC of $0.1 is honest, so anything above is great.

But on Chitika it is not the case, it is a whole new (lower) level, here are the stats:
From August 13th to August 28th, it's 2 weeks..
Impressions: 31,833
Clicks: 441
CTR: 1.39%
eCPM: $0.39
Earnings: $12.42

The eCPM with adsense for this ad unit location was about $3 if I recall well, because the CPC was higher but also the CTR was higher, because of better related ads to the content of each page. Probably in part because the ad inventory of adsense (adwords) is larger than the ad inventory of chitika, and also perhaps their content matching algorithm is better which wouldn't be surprising seeing that Google is the most well known IT company in the world and Chitika is just well, chitika.. :-)

In Chitika dashboard they don't show you the CPC, you have to calculate it yourself, it's $12.42 / 441 = $0.028, so $0.03

Which could be worse in fact, it could be $0.01 so I guess I'm lucky, and anyway, $12.42 with Chitika is a lot better than $0 with AdSense.. So if you still have your AdSense account, don't try Chitika.. If you don't have your AdSense account anymore, then go ahead and become a Chitika publisher TODAY to bring your revenue to a whole new level!

Also note that in Chitika they have some blablabla about the level of your site and the quality (ie. CPC) of ads your ad units can display.. Well there are three unoriginally-nammed but very understandable levels, bronze, silver and gold.. Nobody can stay at bronze level you get upgraded automatically to Silver just to give a boost to your ego and then you can ask them to consider your site for gold level and best-reviewer.com has been "Pending Approval for Gold" since Apr 13, 2012... Yes I did apply way before being banned by adsense, in fact I didn't plan on being banned by adsense at all, but following their mistake in march 2012 and disabling the ads on best reviewer for 2 weeks in March, I was starting to explore other means to monetize the traffic.. just in case..

Well, I don't know what the Gold level would bring in terms of CPC with Chitika, but anything more than $0.03 would be good too.. As I said before I consider a $0.1 CPC to be honest enough.. So maybe the gold level is the answer.. :-)
What you need to get to this gold level is not clear at all, couldn't find anything in their FAQ except for this..

The Silver-Level ad Program

If your account is approved for Silver-Level ads, you are most likely pending review for Gold. To view the status of your domains, you should login to your account, click on the "My Account" tab, then click "Approved Domains". If you do not see all of your domains listed on this page, then add them to the box provided.

It is important that you are running Silver-Level ads on your domain while pending review for Gold. This way, we are able to monitor the quality of your traffic for faster Gold approval. Login now to get stared.

The Silver-Level ad program has a smaller advertiser-base than Gold-Level. What this means is there may be less ad coverage for your traffic. In other words, not all of your search traffic may see a Chitika ad on your site. Once you are approved for Gold, this may increase.

There are currently many domains awaiting review for Gold, so the review time could be lengthy. You will be notified with any status changes to your domain(s) via email, so please be sure your email address is correct (see the "My Account" tab after you login to your Chitika account).

To expedite the review process, we are focusing on larger websites first. If your domain receives at least 5,000 search impressions a day, or if you earn at least $10,000 in advertising revenue per month, please contact sales@chitika.com to see if you qualify.

So really, with the recent penalty from google search, the 5,000 search impressions a day is not going to happen anytime soon.. :-)

I know that for you all members of Best-Reviewer.com my adsense account being banned is not such a bad news afterall because your ad unit get to be the first one, so you get the best paying ads and that's cool, but still everyone needs to think about what happens on the day when adsense gives you the boot, and one should not do like me and delay everything to until that happens.. Explore other ways of monetizing your traffic, or making money online in general, in any case it is best not to let adsense earnings be too large a percentage of your overall online income, invest time in earning from other sources even if it is more difficult at first to learn the ropes..

That's my advise, but it's yet another case of do as I say and not as I do. :-)

Hi James,

Any plan to enable Chitika as revenue sharing in Best-Reviewer?

Do you mean as an alternative to adsense for those members who have lost their adsense accounts?

In that case I think I can do it, I've emailed them to know if there is anything particular I need to do for chitika revenue sharing to work..

I have several multi user websites where I share the ad revenue from adsense by using their old code format and switching the publisher id with the one from my members when one of their posted page is being displayed.

I would like to know if there is anything special I need to agree with you regarding allowing chitika revenue sharing on my sites?

I was thinking of simply switching the username variable in your ad code with the one from the current member whose page is being displayed. Is that ok? Do they need to add my domains to their chitika accounts in order for the revenue sharing to work?

I plan on using the same tracking channel id, so that it will show in their reports, but I understand it will not show on mine when the username is set to theirs, that's fine.

So basically my question is: is there anything I or my members should know about chitika revenue sharing that isn't as simple as switching the username?

Thank you

I'll see what they reply and will let you know.

But as for adding yet another ad spot for chitika in addition to the adsense spots, I'm not sure, I find it hard to find some space, honestly I went a little overboard already with the buysellads.com spots and the 728x90 spot for my clickbank system (not finished) and the template is so tight in width..

Yes maybe I could add an an additional ad on the right column, such as 160x600 or less, so that all members can enjoy the chitika revenue sharing even those lucky ones with an active adsense account :-)

I'll see what I can do about it.. But you know sometimes I receive some contact emails especially from people critisizing my overuse of ads, and honestly it nearly never happen on my other sites, so I think there's something wrong, like I hit a nerve regarding the number of ads, I don't know, I should maybe clean up some parts.. Although I think it is probably the animated gifs on buysellads.com that give a bad impression to some people.

Of course the complaints are very few compared to the amount of visitors, but the fact that I got some anyway is a bad sign somewhat :-)

So they replied to my question, basically they mean yes it is possible to do Chitika ad revenue sharing easily by switching the username in the code and the members don't need to do anything in their own chitika account (ie. no need to add best-reviewer.com in their domain name list) but they said something about some users spamming them and me losing my account as a result, that's not cool so I asked for a clarification..

Hi James,

The answer to your question is no their is no special thing you need to agree to in order to share revenue with your users. And the answer to your second question is yes it is as simple as changing the username.

However, we have run into problems in the past with users spamming us. You will just need to stay on top of this or their accounts could be blocked and your account could be deactivated.

I hope this helps, if you have anymore questions please let us know!

Chitika Customer Support

So I replied:

Thank you Josh for your clear reply. I will proceed to implement the code and inform my members about this new revenue sharing option.
But before I do i would like to understand what you mean by "spamming us"? Do you mean the users were clicking on their own ads or that they were spamming you in another way or another purpose?
As for invalid clicks activity i will add a note in my rules like i did for adsense saying that if they click on their own ads be it on their site or mine it is the same they will have their chitika account banned and if i found out i will also delete them from my site. But how can i realistically know what users are doing? If they are clicking on their own ads i have no way to know, only you have the click data and tools to detect invalid click activity..
What i already do currently is to not show any ad to loggued in members so there is no chances they would click by accident or purposely on ads while they are loggued in my site.

Thank you if you could just clarify what you mean by "spamming us" so that i can think of how i can prevent it. For sure i would not want to risk my chitika account to be banned because of other people actions.

Hi James,

Can we know when the Chitika revenue sharing will be integrated in BR? I'm one of Adsense's victim where my account got suspended by them without any reason. :-(

Hi, I have added the field in your profile where the adsense field is. So you can already put your username there so it will start for you as soon as I code it. I have no date of course but it will be soon because I want to send an email to all members with several things I have to say since I'm an affiliate marketer now, hahaha! But in this email I want to include several good news, so chitika revenue sharing will be one of them.

Thank for enable Chitika revenue sharing happen here (in case Chitika approve it), it could be another extra earning opportunity for us. Thank a lot

Hi James, sorry to hear about your adsense account being disabled. Just curious as to why that happened if you don't mind sharing.

Hello Paula, I have documented it fully in this thread:
Your Google AdSense Account Has Been Disabled

Basically, one or more of my sites were crap, but perhaps it is not one of my sites, I'll never know because all they can answer is a copy and paste email saying "because your account has been disabled, you can't participate in the adsense program" it doesn't matter what I write to them, that's the answer I get. I tried several times, now I won't try again, I'm stupid but not yet totally retarded unlike some of the workers at adsense policy enforcement team!
One can say that I'm saying that because I'm pissed off, but honestly simply read the thread I have documented everything, and you'll see for yourself if I exagerate or not..
Well in fact I haven't documented everything because I also tried to contact them via the G+ adsense page, my attempts are simply ignored while they reply to other people.
But it happened more than a month ago, in the meantime I was in china for 4 weeks in a nice hotel, very relaxing internet-wise because of the great firewall of china blocking many things such as facebook, twitter, g+, youtube, blogspot, and many random sites too, a pleasure really :-)
So now I'm focusing on learning and applying new skills in order to get back to the amount of earnings I got from AdSense and then go for more!
But I start from very low in affiliate marketing since my first main goal is to earn $500 per week from clickbank, and I'm far from it now, but at least that'll keep me busy and focused for a few months :-)
So thank you AdSense, you're giving me the needed motivation to finally diversify my online income.. Sure you're still the number one of all PPC ad networks, but your adsense policy enforcement team suck and your appeal process is a pure joke.. They even managed to mess up their copy and paste job the first time! :-)

mas sam
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I have 150,000 visitors per day and about 200 click per day but my total earning is $20. And my infolink earning is $2 per day So i think infolink is better than chitika..

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