Which ad networks other than AdSense are good for blogs?

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Which ad networks other than AdSense are good for blogs?

Have you guys tried to use other ad network than Google AdSense?

I see James is using buysellads here but they require at least 50K impressions / month which is quite high for a new blog.

What other network do you think are worth it?

A completely different approach - convert contextual mentions of companies to affiliate links. I'm too tired to write up a full explanation right now so I'll just point you to an article I wrote. http://www.infobarrel.com/A_Dead_Easy_Way_to_Earn_On_A_Blogger_Blog_With...

Yes I am using Viglinks too, which provides automatic links for affiliates products and brands.
The system is good, let's see if it pays back.
You can subscribe here for free:

It is completely automated, and returns are higher than banner ads because it is affiliate products (they have a network of more than 1000 brands).

But I still want to use a good advertising network on my sites.

I'd love to hear your results with Viglinks, as I've considered using them.

I'm seeing clicks but no conversions yet. I'm pretty new with the Viglink network though still.

Viglink is a good idea of course, to mix contextual ads with affiliate programs. And I don't understand why clickbank for instance doesn't do it. What clickbank has which is the most interesting is a widget called "HopAd Builder" (under the "Account Settings" menu) which allows you to create blocks of affiliate programs selectioned by keywords. So you get a javascript code which includes a variable KEYWORDS. This variable of course you can fill in dynamically in PHP before outputting the HTML to the user.

That's what I have added on best reviewer, I don't know if you have noticed it. What I do is take the title of the page, the category and tags if there are some, and then clean everything to transform it as a list of keywords, which is then put in the clickbank code. That way the HopAd Builder block shows affiliate programs which are somewhat related to the topic of the page.. This is as close as I got clickbank to work as a contextual ad widget.. It's a pity they don't offer a javascript code similar to infolink, for in-text ads which link directly to affiliate programs..

On Wordpress you've got a plugin called "ClickBank Hop Ad" which is doing a pretty good job.
I don't know if there is something similar for Drupal though but it looks like you've got something similar.
I must say this never generated any sale though. I don't know if you make much out of click bank through this, but the best way to sell click bank products if to promote them one by one.

Thanks for the info. On Drupal it's true I haven't yet searched for clickbank related modules, for such a simple trick I prefer to get the control myself on what is being put in the keyword list.
I've loggued in clickbank just now to check, and you're right, in three weeks, this widget generated no sales on best reviewer, but 3 on shetoldme, with one refund. It's not enough by any standard on shetoldme, despite the ideal location of the widget on shetoldme, at the top of the content, unlike on best reviewer where at the moment everything including adsense placement is a big mess, and I will fix that soon now by cleaning out and repositioning.
But still, yes that isn't a good RPM at all since the prices of the sales and commission are low..
2012-01-30 -$9.62 (refund)
2012-01-16 $9.62
2012-01-09 $13.35
2012-01-08 $11.61

That's not aweful in such a short time and for something so unobtrusive and untargeted.

Viglink includes clickbank and all the other big affiliate networks plus large direct affiliate programs like Amazon, ebay, and Adobe. They take 25% of earnings, but because they are top tier you benefit from all the top tier commissions. Also if an affiliate program changes they are on top of that-no need to redo a bunch of links.

Well, I have tried infolinks they are great in text ads provider, they don't provide rich media. you checl them out here

I tried them but found they were not very relevant, and that it was slowing my site as well.

I am not sure about that! Infolinks is the most relevant text ads, and not only because I have said that or written a blog post about, its because researches said so, other than that there is no way that Infolinks will slow your website down, As according to Google there ads are much faster than google text ads.
you can read here http://blog.infolinks.com/2011/12/05/infolinks-is-a-google-speed-champion/
Also you can get Google speed report for website here https://developers.google.com/pagespeed/ which will tell you exactly what is slowing down your website, I use them and my test speed report said my website got 94% with now warnings for infolinks ads.

I use GTMetrix to monitor the speed of my sites.
Google Speed is one thing, but you should use YSlow which is much more strict.
On YSlow your site scores 69% - D.

Waw great and amazing, thanks MySpace-Lyrics for sharing this tool, I never new that my site could be badly slow, have to find away to make it faster. as for my earnings I have almost 5$ per month with the current traffic, not sure if this is because of Infolinks or because of number of visitors, anyway thank you again for sharing this tool, and I though that my website is very speed according to google!
Note: My site speed report doesn't include Infolinks as reason for being slow, I am not defending them since at the end money is the only important thing, but the sure thing they are not slow.

Hi icciev,

I am not against info links.

I just tried with and without them, and the only difference was in my site speed and not in the revenue.

But may be this is because of a specific setup of my site i don't know. I just say they don't work for me, not that they don't work for everyone.

GTMetrix is a good tool to monitor your site speed. Try to cats of YSlow rather than Google though.

There are tags (html comments) that you can use in order to limit the section of your site where infolinks will display. It's better to have infolinks only in the content part (your article) rather than spreading the (12) maximum number of links on al the page, including navigation and footer..

Maybe that will help a little, but honestly infolinks is paying very poorly, less than $1 RPM, it's not worth it but if you have thousands of daily impressions, then it can pay at least for your internet connection monthly, so why not.. It's not like we're already billionaire, is it?

yes agreed. Plus each link is a request to the server, which basically slows down thing as it is not handled as a whole but individually, and this for every page you go to. I prefer to build internal links rather than links to outside (and I am not sure if you can control the fact if they are do or nofollow). Internal links bring ranking and more traffic. External links should bring money. Not cents but $$$.
Come have a drin/lunch in Bangna whenever you pass by. Be my guest.

Are you sure? I think infolinks does everything in javascript, so the links are not hard links to anywhere from the point of view of search engines they are invisible, they don't exist. Plus I think they make the minimum amount of request to their servers, so if it was me that would be sending the content of the page and in return get keywords and minimum infos about the ads. Well maybe they return all the infos about the ads for the page and keywords, so that they don't need to load anything more than illustratives images when the keyword link is hovered, but I don't think they make many requests per keyword, that would be very stupid and the coder should be fired on the spot :-)

After for the RPM, it's true that it is really low compared ot adsense, but you have also to admit that we usually give the best location for adsense, and adsense ads are always visible. Infolinks ads are visible only upon hovering (if you chose not to put their other stuff like tag cloud or the things at the top or bottom of the screen)
Anyway, it's cents just like adsense, we display many ads always visible and we usually get cents ($0.1 is my own vision of "correct" for cpc) because when someone clicks, it's finish, the link opens in the same window. At least infolinks opens in a new window if you want. :-)

Thank you for your invitation, I have one of my best friends who lives very close to the Udom Suk station, so it's not unlikely we can have drink/lunch (well dinner most probably :-) someday! At the moment I'm in Pattaya enjoying my condo since yesterday only after a big break since 20th december always in hotel rooms. I rent this new condo only since beginning of december, so I didn't yet have the opportunity to enjoy living here really yet. Next time I move, if not before, will be for the next visa run around beginning of april, I'll most probably will go again to Laos and so I'll have some days in Bangkok when I return or maybe before I go, I don't know. If you are there at that time we could meet to talk about nerdy things :-)

yes JS sends requests to the servers. You have 12 links then it is 12 requests (example). It is not about search engine but about the interaction between your site and the servers. ins and outs. Bandwidth.

I think you are better off to put CB links. you have the same probability for people to click them, but instead of earning 1 cent you get the chance to earn a few dollars or more. for that you can use Viglinks (http://www.viglink.com/?vgref=22270) or put your own hop links by hand.

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I'm about 99% sure (to be polite) that you're making a mistake in your thinking.
The first obvious one is that you're talking about bandwidth and interaction between my site and the infolinks servers. That shows that you don't understand that when javascript is involved then my site is not involved. The "magic" happens between the user computer and infolinks servers only. Javascript is executed by the visitor computer, any request made by javascript will be done from the visitor computer to whereever the request is directed to (in this case infolinks' servers) and the response will not transit by my site, but directly from infolinks servers back to the visitor's computer. Only then the javascript then modify the html structure to include the links on the page, but this is done dynamically, I mean ON THE FLY, on the visitor's computer, it simply modifies the html page that has already been sent by my site. That's why search engines don't see any outgoing links, because they don't exist when you request the page from my site server, they exist only after the javascript has been executed fully and ONLY on the visitor's computer. It's like they are here but in fact they are not, but they are. :-)

The second error is when you say 12 links then 12 requests. As I said, I don't know how they do it exactly because I never tried to reverse engineer it, but simply using common sense, they're not crazy and will probably make only one big request at first, to identify the most relevant keywords on the displayed page and what ads to show for each. Then MAYBE they do additional requests but it will be only when a link has the mouse over it, then the infolinks bubble pops up and MAYBE at this moment images are requested from infolinks servers.

About CB links, as I said earlier in this thread, I am displaying some dynamically with the HopAd Builder, but it's true I could select a few affiliate programs by hand, associate them with several keywords and then in PHP parse the content from each page requested and then add links to the selected keywords. Honestly that's something I thought about, but then my lazyness won, once again... :-(

To return to the main topic of your thread, about other ad networks, I don't remember if someone mentionned Chitika, but they exist.. Well I stopped using them long time before, even before Yahoo Publisher Network ended and in their final letter to publishers they advised them to use Chitika. So maybe now earnings are better than before, I don't know, and that's something I will need to check sooner or later, if it works good now, I should not wait so long before using it again.. That's dumb.

For sure when I know more about the dates when I'll go to bangkok with free time I'll contact you by email first.

Well James don't get me wrong. I don't prevent to be an expert either. But common sense tells us that if yu have 12 links o you page (or any other number) then the browser of the viewer, no matter what, has to fetch the information from the server of the advertiser to display it on the browser of the viewer (links, text, images for each and every single link). But again I am not rocket science on this. oImagine that you have 12 images on your post or just one image. the load time would be different. Infolinks displays more than just text. Plus apparently they do it on the fly. they analyze the page for the words they could link, then link the words, the add son text content to it, then some images too. OK may be the system is faster if the page has been there for some time and the process has ben the same for the past few months. i don't know. But the more interaction you have between your server (as a viewer) and the server of you supplier, ad he longer your page will take time to load. Now it's up to you to decide if the delay in load time is worth the wait. (i.e. time versus money)

I don't know, maybe you don't understand fully the process of Ajax scripts and especially the ones who do in-text ads. Me as I understand it :
- load the javascript
- javascript takes content text from page and sends it to infolinks server
- infolinks server identify X (number you set, 12 max) keywords that are interesting, and select ads in its inventory
- infolinks server sends back the keywords list and for each the url of the ads as well as its internal ID (see below for when a user hovers a fake link)
- javascript receives X keywords, then on the fly it modifies HTML and add "fake" links to the keywords
- that's finish.

now if a user puts his mouse cursor over a fake link generated by infolinks, this happens:
- javascript asks infolinks servers to send everything about the ad ID given previously
- infolinks server sends back the graphic and text or just graphic
- javascript then create a bubble pop up with ad information and graphic, it already has the url of the ad
- that's finish

So you see, the minimum requests is ONE and the maximum is ONE + whatever fake link the user put his mouse cursor on. but those additional requests are made as the user make the action, not before.
As for the ONE minimum request, as you can read infolinks advise you to put their script just before the closing BODY tag, or as far down the HTML code as you can, why?
That's because of two reasons, but the most important is simply because if you put the javascript at the top of the html source, then the javascript will not have any content text available to send to the server.. But another reason (for user friendly experience, hahaha) is because my site server sends to the user the HTML page and the browser displays it as the data are coming in, so that means that when the infolinks javascript is downloading, the page is already totally displayed to the user, but of course with no infolinks fake links. It's only when the infolink javascript is fully downloaded, has started execution, has made the request to infolinks server and received the result of the request and finally modifies the HTML code, that the user can see the fake links.. So the waiting for the user is none, it seems to take no time at all, because the page is fully loaded like with no infolinks javascript, but yes, maybe 10 or 20 seconds after, then the infolinks fake link suddenly appear.

OK, I hope this is clear now and if you still don't agree, then fine, I think if one believes something strong enough, it becomes the truth, so no problem. Like me for instance, perhaps I'm totally wrong about it, but I believe it's true, so it is. Life is simple really, like when you believe in a religion! Doesn't matter if you're wrong in the eyes of others, what matters is what you believe to be true. :-)

It could be interesting that you look at the performance report on GTMetrix:

For example:
807.2KiB of JavaScript is parsed during initial page load. Defer parsing JavaScript to reduce blocking of page rendering.
This page has 26 external Javascript scripts. Try combining them into one.
There are 16 JavaScript scripts found in the head of the document

JS is sending an HTTP request when your page loads on the visitor computer. It waits for the server (of info link for example) to reply to this request in order to render the result on the visitor computer. If the server is taking time to answer that request, then it will delay the rendering of the page.
That's why they advise to put the JS code at the bottom, the page renders faster and the visitor can start reading stuff while the page finishes to load.

can you tell us how much you are making on average per month with info links?

I don't actually use anything right now on my blogs other than Adsense, however I know that my Squidoo pages have a variety of different ad networks including Adsense, Glam Media, SAY Media, and InfoLinks. I'm not sure if there are traffic requirements or not.

Infolinks intext ads pay a very low RPM as I have shown in another thread for the infolinks I have on best reviewer.
Similar are Kontera and Chitika Linx, but over one year ago I made a test on one month, one one site (shetoldme.com) with the three ad networks, displaying at random (33% each) on every pages of the site.
And at that time the results showed Infolinks being superior in RPM to the two others, Kontera arrived second and Chitika was really far behind.. But at that time an Infolinks representative was aware of my test, and I know they have many tools and can change what they want, so it's possible they increased my RPM during that test, I don't know, but..

Anyway, either Kontera or Infolinks can do the job of in text ads.. It's real low RPM, but it doesn't decrease adsense CTR from what I'd seen in my one month test. So the earnings simply add up.

There is no traffic requirement for those intext ad networks.

As for BuySellAds it's another thing, you submit a site when you apply, and if they like it they accept you, before they only accepted graphic design related sites so they denied my application before, but then one day they accepted shetoldme, and after they accepted best reviewer, so I suppose the graphic design part is not a requirement anymore :-)
But there is no network ad on buysellads, it's simply to sell ads directly to buyers who want to display on your site. BuySellAds takes 25% of whatever monthly price you set, and then they handle everything about the buyers, so it's easier than doing it myself, trouble free. Then after they can pay you by paypal, by check or by wire transfert. I use wire transfert, the minimum payout for wire transfert is $500 and there's a $35 fee, but that's good anyway, hassle-free too.

I have just joined Exoclicks (http://bit.ly/exocl) - they are an ad network based in Germany.
Will try that for a few weeks and let you know

Well, I don't know, never read about Exoclicks before, but I had a look and on their publishers page I read:
"Quality Ads. ExoClick works with direct Advertisers to bring quality creatives from the leading perfomance Advertisers of the Gambling, Entertainment and Adult industries."
Gambling and Adult don't mix well with AdSense's TOS :-)

But I don't know how it works, if you can select only the categories you want to display, so that you can have both adsense and exoclicks on the same pages. Anyway, if you don't use adsense on your site, then those rules about not having casino and adult ads become irrelevant!

Also you say they're based in Germany but in their FAQ page I see Spain:
"ExoClick is operated by ExoClick SL, a European company located in the Torre Mapfre, the most famous office building in Barcelona, Spain."
And on the About page:
"ExoClick was founded by Benjamin Fonzé in December 2006. [...] Benjamin graduated in Belgium as a computer science engineer and quickly relocated to Spain where he started his career in a company that provides a wide range of online billing solutions. In 2006, after several years and different positions in the company, he launched Exoclick, and is assuming the position of CEO since its creation."

Yes my wrong, that's Spain, and the data center in the Netherlands. I got mixed up doing too many things at the same time.

You are right about Google AdSense, but I am looking for an alternative rather than a complement. On exoclick you select one of the five categories of ads that you want to display.

I will write again about it after a few weeks to let you know if I made anything with them.

Has anyone heard about BLAM?

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Adbrite is gud becoz i m personally using this

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