What Kind Of Images Work On Our Review

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What Kind Of Images Work On Our Review

Hey there! Here is my problem (concern). I decided to add a image to my http://www.best-reviewer.com/best-review-top-5-best-pinterest-boards.htm...
A image that I made myself, now to be honest, I sure don't like how it appears on my review!
Is there a certain size that works best?

I like to "pin" my sites to Pinterest mainly because of the traffic and Google images searches!
Thanks for your time.

Hi, I think a standard format such as 4:3 will work fine, also 16:9 ..
But it's true that the images which are tall (portrait mode) sometimes don't come out fine after they are manipulated by my script.
Honestly, this image attached to a top has been made in order to appear in google images, but that was before they made their change to the google image interface.. Now it's not worth much to have our images in google images, it doesn't result in so many visits as before.

Sorry about the manipulations I do to the images, it was to try to avoid a maximum copyright problems, by changing the image, even if the source image was copyrighted, there are less chances to get into problems (to be found in the first place) which are honestly to me as pointless as the legal problems with marijuana..

People create themselves problems by having stupid laws in the first place :-)

I think using pinterest with the modified image on your top is a good strategy, I did it on several images on the french version of best reviewer, it didn't bring much traffic for the few pins I've made, but I can imagine if I was doing it on a bigger scale it could be interesting..

Thanks for responding. Yes, I guess because Pinterest does get my traffic, I just have to do a original image, add it to Pinterest, then edit and put in the Best-Reviewer URL

Yes, if you know which kind of images work best in pinterest (tall ones) then it is the way to do it for everything.

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