What is jUiUj.com ?

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What is jUiUj.com ?
It is a simple idea.
Use the internet to recover all your missing properties.

It's YOUR Stuff And Now It Is Lost!
What To Do?
Use The ONE Site That Helps YOU Recover Your Prized Possessions...

jUiUj.com Is That Place

Use the internet to recover all your missing properties.

- Properties which have been stolen from you...
- Properties you have lost, in a bus, a taxi or anywhere else..
- Properties you have found in the street, in a taxi or, wherever that you want to give back to their rightful owner.
- Properties which you still own but that you would like to list for future reference, a safety listing, just in case you lose them or someone steals them.

Now There's hope For Recovering YOUR Lost Or Stolen Items.

If you want YOUR property back, don't despair.
Take a moment to list your properties.

I went to the site and did a search for keys. Suppose I found some keys in a specific location, I would go to the site to see if anyone had listed them lost. But the site did a Google search and not a juiuj search, which is really what you need. And you need to be able to search for a specific location. Say I found keys in California, I'm not interested that someone has lost keys in Europe, I need to know who has lost keys in California, so location is really important.

On the home page, I am not able to locate the 'My Account' section after log-in.

Is there a reason you called it Juiuj? And how do you pronounce it?

Don't worry about the search, it is google search so it will work only when google wants to send visitors to this site, if it doesn't want, well the search won't work that way, but you can search in other ways in the menu, by location, don't worry about it anyway google will index some pages, but at the moment only 2 listings are real, all the others I've put them just to use as examples when building the site, I'll remove all fake listings (my own) before launch if there are enough real ones.

So, about the use of the site, please don't report any problem now, because it is not finished, it's not really open but still open.. If anybody don't like it now, he can use it later in a few days.

The name is only from the location of the letters on the keyboard. I don't know how to prononce it, it's not a problem at all.

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