What is better? Property of Stuff?

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What is better? Property of Stuff?

Hi, I just thought about something, and it is still time to change it.
I wrote everywhere on the site juiuj.com "property" as in "list your property" / "stolen properties" / etc.

But don't you think it is too formal? For me property is more for real estate or formal speaking.

Do you think changing property for "stuff" would be better for the site's first impression on visitors?

Like list my stuff, found stuff, lost stuff, etc. ?

When I read the word property, I think of homes and real estate, I don't think of dogs and rings and other things.

What about article, item, thing, piece, object?

if you say thing, couldn't it be stuff? isn't it better for a "fun" / "cool" site?

Thing would be nice replacement too.

How about choosing words based on search popularity? I checked the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and here are the number of global monthly searches (I used the Exact Match Type)
[lost and found] -- 33,100
[lost property] -- 2,900
[lost things] -- 880
[lost items] -- 390
[found property] -- 260
[found items] -- 210
[found things] -- 140
[lost stuff] -- 140
[found stuff] -- 110

But perhaps, you might have already checked it, and you're just weighing which is more not-formal, as you say.

I also read this for lost items:
lost and found (American English and Canadian English)
lost property (British English)
lost articles (also Canadian English)

The way the llistings are displayed now wasn't my original idea, it's just that this way (maybe temporary) is simpler, faster to do.
In the original idea I would do like on best reviewer, use the variables and display a forum post looking text with variations of the elements of the text. So I could have put a list of synonyms in the code.
I hope the traffic will come from associations between objects names and locations.
What would be nice also is that more people want to list their property as safety.

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