What is the best adsense size to use on Best-Reviewer?

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What is the best adsense size to use on Best-Reviewer?

What size adsense box does everyone get the best results with?

I can't answer.. I suppose the 300x250 or 336x280 format works well. I have no idea.
Plus I have changed the order of the ads recently. Now the ad of the top author is right after, below the TOP 1 item. Before it was just above the TOP 1 item.

Oh well, this is really not important and if I really wanted to be serious about optimisation, I would need to make serious A/B testing and whatnot..

I think it's better to just relax and think about other things at the moment. Like ways to increase the daily traffic, because THAT is a problem..

But yes, if others want to give you their feeling about the ad size, but I don't know how they could know exactly, with only a custom channel you don't get much detailled information at all..

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