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Uploading a photo

I cannot upload a photo to the site. Is there a problem with uploading or could someone explain it?

I have difficulty navigating the site. I kept logging in and it took forever. I used my new password but kept saying it was wrong. Now I cannot upload my picture. Are there specific instructions anywhere? Maybe it's just me. I think I will like it here when I get used to it.

Hi there are not many instructions on this site, you can find in your user menu under Do you need help? a faq and some editorial guidelines, that's it..

Anyway, perhaps it comes from something in your computer or internet connection because those days I haven't read any complaint about things you mention. Since you are new to the site maybe there are things you don't understand. Anyway yes sometimes the site itself can have problems, it already happened due to web server overload, but it's not that often, today it seems fine to me, the speed and everything seems to work ok.

Hi, I see you have no top at all, so how do you know it doesn't work?
Anyway only one photo can be uploaded for one top, and the photo will be transformed in black and white, tilted, and overall messed up. You don't need to upload a photo in order to create a top, just submit a top without a photo and then after we can talk about uploading a photo (which works fine BTW)

Post a top and then come back, ok? :-)

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