Traffic statistics direct from Google Analytics now displayed on the site!

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Traffic statistics direct from Google Analytics now displayed on the site!


Today thanks to a cool module, I was able to add a little graphic at the top of each top and salary pages showing the last 30 days traffic. There's also a link for each graphic which gives more details like referral sites and keywords used.

Also on the homepage I added a graphic for the whole site, also with a link to the precise information. You should have a look if you want to know what is succesful at the moment on Best Reviewer.

Please note that on the top pages, the graphics are visible only when you're loggued out, I did that like many other blocks so that the interface/browsing of loggued in users (members) is quicker/faster, less cluttered by useless information. But for visitors I think it's cool because most sites are hiding their traffic information.
On Best Reviewer you already had lot of information thanks to the web tracker at the bottom of each page (black square) now people can see cool information direct from Google Analytics, and with nice 30 days graphics.

I think it's cool, and for serious members it can give you more insights to give you new ideas of what kind of tops to do.

If you use Drupal for your sites, here is the module for the graphics:
It needs other modules:
And on Drupal 6 only:

Then for the Google Analytics part, you can simply install the tracking code by hand or you can use the handy module:


Well thanks, James, I think...

But I can't see the new cool module...Is it visible on all tops???...Can you see it if you are logged in as a reviewer or do you need to be logged out???...

It sounds like a nice tool, though...

WAHM Shelley... :)

No you can't see it when loggued in. Personally what I do is I always use Firefox for my account being loggued in and I check as an anonymous visitor (loggued out) with Chrome or IE browsers.

I didn't show it when loggued in, as well as many other blocks/modules, because I want to provide a quite uncluttered interface for members, so they can do what they have to do easily, that's why also there is no adsense being shown and most of the other ads too.

Yes it is a nice tool, so that the traffic is transparent, if some people think that 2,000-3,000 UV per day is low they can easily see it directly on the front page. Me too I think 2,000 per day is not enough compared to all the content we have on the site, but if it increases it will also show on the graph, so it's a motivation for everybody. :-)

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