Traffic is really low on Best Reviewer: Shame!

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Traffic is really low on Best Reviewer: Shame!

Yes it's horrible, the traffic isn't good on Best Reviewer these days. It was more than one year after launch and I thought we would have lot of traffic for christmas, not at all! Even worse, this year december will have been worse than last year december when the site was just 2 months old.
Here are the unique number of visitors per month since last december:
december 2010:
january 2011:

This is a shame really, hoping that it will improve over time or at the very least, stay at this level :-)
90,000 unique visitors, for instance in november, it's about 3,000 unique visitors per day, that's ok. But it makes a lot more page views and ad impressions. So I think 90,000 per month would be nice already, if it could be sustained for all 2012 that would be wonderful already, I'm not asking for much :-)

The numbers are matching with my personal experience. I wrote some IT articles on other sites and the traffic also dropped in November-December. Also the traffic on my blog is very-very low in December although it is not written in English so it is not influenced by global trends so much.
I think that man people go shopping these days :) Maybe summer is high because of travel and holidays related searches.

At christmas time it's the biggest time for traffic when you have content related to the season such as christmas greeting cards and related. We have some tops about that on best reviewer, it's just that google&bing haven't decided to send our way many of their users :-)
Maybe next year :-)

What I should have done is to add a block on all pages of the site, with direct links to tag pages about christmas and new year. Maybe that would have helped a little.

I also have a Christmas related Top page but my general impression is that the traffic dropped on all the Adsense pages, especially in December. I have my own blog and I am member of many other revenue sharing sites and the traffic dropped everywhere. I do not think it is related to Best Reviewer, I think it is related to Christmas season or Google uses a new algorithm again...

yes, that's life.. 2012 will be better than 2011 except if it turns out to be the same or worse.. hahaha

A couple of days ago I added something nice but which uses more web resources, as if it was not a problem for me already.. Anyway, I've added 3 blocks on Best Reviewer on 30th december, those blocks are dynamic and display incoming search terms, linked to the pages on Best Reviewer. It's all automatic from now and I'll look to see if it works or not, I think not, only if daily unique visitors climb to 10,000 I could say yes that works VERY good.
The blocks display only to visitors, not to loggued-in users.

Hi James, thanks for sharing the traffic data. What do you think is the cause of the drop in traffic? Of the few Tops I have reviewed I am noticing a very short description (2 or 3 words) and then an affiliate link to an Amazon product.

For the Tops that I am creating I am typing at least a one or two sentence description of what will be found at the link. I think the more words in the description the better for attracting the search engines.

Yes as more people do like you, the quality and traffic will increase, but about why there is not more visitors sent by google i don't know, it's up to google to chose what sites to show on result pages, I have no idea what google "thinks" about this site and its content, good and bad.

My sites have had a big drop in december too, i wonder if this is general...

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