Tools of the trade

On this page you will find all the different tools of the trade.

Which trade? Well, the best reviewer's trade. That is if you're interested in using internet for profits, then those tools are useful. If you're using internet as a consumer only, then I don't think those tools are relevant for you. For instance I don't need a shovel, but if I was into gardening or construction trade then it would be useful for me. I think you got my point.

So those tools are particularly relevant to members of but can also be useful for people making profits from the internet without being a member of my site. Just take a look at the different links below and if you see anything interesting just click on it, it will lead to another page on this site dedicated to the specific tool, and then you can access the said tool by clicking on another link.

Of course if you have any suggestion about adding a tool here you can tell me, but you know that already.


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Yes thriftgirl62, those looks

Yes thriftgirl62, those looks like spam users. You know, it's a constant battle against the spammers, from the moment I started to enable comments and then create multi-users sites. I have tried so many things, but what works the best is unfortunately manual review and since I don't employ people, I have to do it myself, so as soon as I try to remove myself from that moderation job, it starts flowing again..
I'll have to get back to working on this site soon..
What is fortunate is that the only type of content users can post are special and so the bots are not prepared to fill in correctly all the required fields, so they fail and then there is an automatic system on my site to purge users who haven't posted anything since their registration.
But it uses web server resources.. That's the other side of the coin/medal.. :-)

As a quick measure I'm putting back the basic membership as a one-time payment, because a paypal form is the best captcha I've found so far :-)

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A very wise advice, thank you

A very wise advice, thank you to all of them and this will be a very valuable knowledge at all for me and will be the foundation of doing business for success.

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Maybe it's just me but don't

Maybe it's just me but don't those "Online users" look like a machine made them up to you?
Mine is: thriftgirl62 but those look fake to me. Just wondering??

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