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Tiffany Dow reviews registration page

Tiffany Dow has offered subscribers of her list a one page review as a list gift.

So I jumped on the opportunity and have submitted the registration page of

I got useful advise from Tiffany which I'm going to implement soon.

Hopefully when you get to watch this video, the registration page won't be in such a lame state..

I don't understand how I can produce such ugly looking pages after many years of web-mastering.. Especially since this page is SO important... I mean, the account creation / registration page, no less... :-)

So in this video you get to see the page as it was when I submitted it to Tiffany for a review...

Check Tiffany Dow's blog at and say thank you from me, I already did!

By the way look at what she did on her domain name: she's put a big page only for building her list, and if people want to access her blog they can.

This is very efficient, what do you think about that and about the advices she gave me?

I'm implementing them :-)

I took notes about what Tiffany said on the video, here they are:
- header too plain
- colors scheme not good grey/green
- date in slogan? why not specify reviews about what.
- icons good but not the french flag
- good categories in the menu
- headline 3D and color is not good on the eyes
- headline text needs improvement
- image is not good, replace it with video
- sentences are a little off / insulting, replace with what suggested
- on the right column, the image is broken, better put an optin form with a gift/freebie about traffic & conversions to get a chance to talk to them about joining the site later


So what I've done or I'm going to do:
- Will add a logo / graphic at the left of the screen, it is not professional header but will add graphic to the header so it won't be as plain
- I've changed the grey background to a green one, should match better
- the date in slogan is dynamic I did it for the site looking fresh and also for seo purposes (in my head)
- I will remove the french flag, there is little point in having the french version of the site available from here.
- I've changed the headline text color to a dark green (instead of red) and have removed the 3D effect. Also simplified it a bit.
- I replace the ugly image with the video of the preacher, I know it's not good for that purpose but at least it explains a little bit what the site is about.. I find it funny, but it's not the best video that could perform the job on this page, well I don't yet have a better one.
- I'll replace the sentences with what Tiffany said in the video.
- On the right column it is an image which is hosted and used on another site of mine, it is not really good looking, but at the time of the review it seems wasn't responding, so the image was broken.. Don't know what I'll do about it, I think it conveys some information, but I like Tiffany idea of providing an optin form for a freebie about trafic and conversion (well about something I have already written in the past) in order to build my mailing list and have chance to get the visitor to come back later to sign up on the site.

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