Is there an age limit for joining Best-Reviewer?

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Is there an age limit for joining Best-Reviewer?

Many sites have an age limit for joining, does Best-Reviewer? Can my 17 year old have an account or does he have to wait until he is 18? I know he can't have a Google AdSense account until he is 18, but can he use mine, and then change it when he reaches 18? Or are you only allowed to have one AdSense account linked to one Best-Reviewer account?

As I'm not able to verify the age of anybody here, it seems pointless to write one :-)
I have chosen to restrict access only to those who have an adsense account because those are less likely to submit content violating adsense's rules.
I think I have put something that checks for the uniqueness of the adsense publisher id in the registration form.
If you want to do what you said, then you can tell him to put something a little different, for instance if you put pub-987654321 then tell him to put ca-pub-987654321 or 987654321 in the registration form..
Also don't forget to create a custom channel and add its id in his user profile, so you can know how much he earned with his tops.
I'm sure your 17 year old has been well educated about the rules of adsense :-)
As he turns 18 and get his one, yes it's possible to change it in his user account.

lol James, I always love reading your comments. You are one of the only people I know that creates a security check in a system, then tells people a few tips to get around it. Not that it is a bad thing, truth is one of the most important things eh?

Of all the places I write, this has the most helpful owner.

Every month I list my top three Google earners on my blog and usually Best-Reviewer is in the top three.

The thing is I'm not sure I've put this check on this site. But maybe.. It is also useful to prevent spambots from registering if they try to put always the same thing in the adsense id field.
Spambots registering is only a problem for me, because the less registrations I have to hand review before approval, the better.
So ideally it would be nice if it was on this site, so maybe I've put it before, I hope so.

Personally I don't have any complaint to do to best-reviewer's owner, I think he is the most helpful of all the sites I participate at. :-) Thank you again !

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