Is Technology a good topic for AdSense?

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Is Technology a good topic for AdSense?

No it's the whole topic of technology which is not suitable in my opinion. For adsense you want mass traffic coming from non technical audience. So you can write off topics about technology if it goes beyond the stage of "how to send photos by emails" or "how to print an image".. The only OK content type would be the one targeted at extremely low level, so it's not about Photoshop tutorials, even basics ones, no.

Well that's my opinion about adsense money, of course you see many sites about technology and think they're doing fine. Well the sites you never see are the ones such as free printable greeting cards for all occasions, those are earning a lot but of course we're not part of their audience.. Their audience is massive and doesn't use ad blocker add-ons, this audience has problems with downloading the greeting cards and printing them, so the ad blocker firefox add on is pure science fiction for them, hell they don't even notice that the site has any ad, even though they clicked on them 3 times already in their short visit trying to make sense of how to print that greeting card..
Got my point?

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In agree that AdSense does not really perform on users with technical knowledge - especially about SEO, Internet and e-commerce. They are far likely to use ad blocks and moreover, they are ad blind.

Yes, if I take myself as an exemple, and my clicking behavior towards adsense, I surely don't want the majority of my visitors to be like me! :-)

Actually, you may very well be mistaken. While you do give an interesting insight there are two things to understand:

1. Some technology articles do appeal to the crowd you are talking about. A technology article on how to convert youtube videos to mp3, for example. These articles, if you can get them to rank well, will likely be your website's best performers.

2. Technology niche pays well. I won't go into details here, but about $1 per click in my experience, with absurd click-through rates. I have some technology articles that have CPMs of over $100. Though, they are very targetted articles that never get that much traffic.

How to convert a youtube video to mp3 or how to download a youtube video is included in the really basic tasks such as how to send a photo by email. Those you can make a whole website about, a technology for dummies is OK as it is aimed as non technical people who want to improve their computer skills, starting from nothing.
The pages topics should stay very basic such as how to open a facebook account, how to find my friends on facebook, etc. It's still ok. But when it comes to SEO or how to install SpamAssassin on my Apache server, then yes probably the CPC is good, but it is way harder to get clicks on ads as well as mass traffic. I'm not saying it's like impossible, but not for me really, why make life difficult when it can be simple? :-)

I wonder if those programming sites make money, might be worth asking them somehow.

If you're passionate enough to make a site about programming or any technology then by all means you should do it. I'm talking about doing a site for money mainly, and why the false good ideas are not good. But if you have a passion, for sure you should go ahead and do a site about it, it has good chances to become your best site and the one where you don't feel like working when you spend hours on improving it.

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