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Monty Oum has passed away. A big loss for the animation industry because of his extraordinary talent. He was a famous web-based American animator who specialized on crossover fighting videos.He died from allergy complications. He was employed by Rooster Teeth Productions to animate the Red vs. the Blue.
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Christmas is coming. If you have a loved one with an XBOX 360 game console you can't go wrong with giving them a Game for this Christmas. Here is a list of the Hottest upcoming and recently released games for the XBOX 360
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If your like me you love video games. There are always types that I tend to play more often then others but I always like to try new ones and be surprised and amazed at the quality and how fun they can be. Here are my top 5 picks off all xbox 360 games.
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These are the 10 most popular choices taken for PS3, Wii, PC, and Xbox 360. (20% complete, at least 160 words missing)
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Kinect is the amazing motion sensor that is now available exclusively for the Xbox 360. It brings fun and games that anybody can play to the Xbox 360 and is similar to the Wii but better! Kinect is awesome yet some people have doubts about it and that is why I have 5 reasons you need to buy kinect - letting you see how good Kinect really is and understanding...
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These are hubs i've wrote on specifically on the subject of Fifa 11. (90% complete, at least 20 words missing)
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Kinect is a revolutionary new motion control system for the Xbox 360 and video games with motion control and voice recognition software allowing fun new innovative games and this article is about the top 3 Kinect games.
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