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A list of the top 5 German players who most scored goals in all Fifa World Cups, last updated 7 Nov 2011 (20% complete, at least 160 words missing)

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Authored by icciev introduced by DebbyBruck
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This list provide the top 5 German players who played most matches in all FIFA World Cups, Last update 7 Nov 2011 (19% complete, at least 161 words missing)
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One of the most popular sports in the world football (or soccer in the US) is incredibly popular in many countries around the world. Many of the fans are nearly rabid with their appreciation and love for their teams. What countries have the very best records of attendance for their time hosting the World Cup. (51% complete, at least 97 words missing)
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Since 2001, Yahoo! has been tallying up the top searches of the year, providing a snapshot of a culture in motion. Over the past decade, the No. 1 slot has been occupied by companies (music download service Kazaa), TV shows ("American Idol"), and celebrities (Britney Spears, often). In 2010, some 631 million people checked in. Among the billions of queries...
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