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Wedding gifts are a wonderful way to express your love, well wishes, and blessings upon the newly engaged couple for their new life together. There are plenty of wedding gifts, out there today. You can choose your gift from the local retailers or you can look online for wedding gifts ideas too. Traditionally, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls...
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How much did Kim Kardashian get paid for her wedding? Have the planetary alignments changed your Zodiac sign and horoscope? Need pumpkin carving ideas and stencils? Read on... (54% complete, at least 92 words missing)
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Fairy tales can be real and easy to fulfill if you take the right decision. So, why not to organize your wedding, the most special even in your life, in Cyprus? Here we will provide the top reasons you should that. (68% complete, at least 63 words missing)
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It's time to invite people to your event! So you're looking for an invitation template and perhaps also some wording for wedding, baby shower, birthday party, business even or any other occasion for people to meet and socialize. Well here are a few invitation templates that you can load in your office suite to personalize and print out.
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Honeymoons closer to home are becoming more and more common, and for good reason. Stateside honeymoons can often be reached by car, require less red tape (such as passports and vaccinations), and can be much less expensive than a Caribbean or overseas honeymoon. "Staycations," or vacations closer to home, are popular because they allow you to discover...
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Vintage parties are in and Vintage Hollywood is the #1 contender! Get some ideas, suggestions and resources for more info about hosting a Vintage party or wedding. (61% complete, at least 77 words missing)
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Aishwarya Rai, the former Miss World and a very successful Indian Actress, married Abhishek Bachchan in April 2007 and is leading a happy married life. Aishwarya and Abhishek went to Venice Italy for their honeymoon. Abhishek Bachchan is the son of Superstar Amitabh Bachchan and is an moderately successful actor himself. He has given a good performance... (63% complete, at least 74 words missing)
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What are the most popular honeymoon destinations in the U.S? These 5 honeymoon destinations have been popular with newly married couples for decades. You can't go wrong choosing one of these destinations.
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If you're planning a Halloween wedding, having a Halloween wedding party, or looking for ideas for someone else who is you're going to enjoy my favorite top 10 Halloween planning wedding sites. You'll find great ideas for a Halloween wedding or Halloween anniversary party along with ideas for Halloween bridal apparel, Halloween guestbooks, personalized... (99% complete, at least 2 words missing)