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We have seen a lot of code editors, but are they all worth our time and work? Usually, we choose only the code editors that run smoothly. Many people choose the old code editors and end up without new updates. We need code editors that can access all the features in any language that help us to do our task better. We are going to show you some cool...
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For a web developer an effective squeeze page is not about great design, but ensuring that it has all the key elements blended together in an aesthetic and functional manner. To put it simply, a good squeeze page must include:
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I hereby introduce you to 20 websites where the visual artist, writer, web and multimedia developer JoachimArtist shows his work and life. He is in business for over 30 years. His work was in numerous shows all over the world, and he won several prizes for as well: his art, writings, web developments and multimedia creations
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People looking for a web designer often make mistakes in that they search for designers who create designs that seem good to the layman, but are in fact not so good in regards to achieving a desired result. This subject can be particularly confusing for those that are not really involved heavily in the technology world, as a good looking site would...
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W3Schools' Online Certification Program is one of the easiest ways to become certified in web development. The online training is free with access to hundreds of the best tutorials around. You can learn at your own pace and take the exam whenever you are ready from where ever you choose. They do recommend that you arrange for a witness of your choice...
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