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As of this year, according to statistics from The Vegan Society, over half a million people in the UK are currently vegan, and judging on the amount of vegan recipes shared on TV, the celebrities outing themselves as vegans, and the amazing selection of vegan products at the supermarkets, that number is set to rocket up in the next few years. Conscious...
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I'm just starting my journey as a vegetarian these are my top 3 articles about vegetarian recipes. They cover vegetable pasta recipes, tofu recipes and vegetable soup. (17% complete, at least 166 words missing)
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Although many people are vegetarians for health reasons, on compassionate grounds and as a way of life, it does not suit everybody. The reason is that a sense of deprivation defeats the object of any diet. The crux of the matter is that a person should try what is good for him and if it is a vegetarian life style, so be it. To the vegetarian, the restrictions... (84% complete, at least 32 words missing)