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Have you ever just looked in your wardrobe and thought, "damn i don't know what to wear"? or "What is in trend right now"? Well here are my personal top 10 male outfits of 2018
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What are the most searched for keywords on Google? Google's Trends tells you!

Google Insights is now merged with Google Trends, so I created several pages showing the most searched for keywords on Google, with several date periods and countries, US, CA, UK, AU and Worldwide..

So one can easily get an overview of what's going on. I also added a date period of last year, same date period, for the 2 and 4 upcoming months, so you can predict the future of popular searches up to a certain extend of course..

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January of 2012 has been a strange period in which a whole series of issues and new topics arose. The three most unexpectedly popular topics have been the Ocean Marketing/Paul Christoforo controversy, the cleverbot chat AI and the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). It will be interesting to see what unexpected trends emerge in the coming months. Herein,...
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Is 2012 your year to finally build serious wealth, financial security, and freedom in your life? If you control your budget, expenses, and debt, and follow paths to save for yourself first - investing in stocks, options, DRIP plans (dividends), and more -- you can create your own wealth plan for the new year. There are trends this year that can help!
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What are the top 3 rated hairstyles of this trendsetting songstress? Find out here. (32% complete, at least 136 words missing)
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The top three emerging technology trends explored. The technology trends that are experiencing rapid growth discussed and explored. Ipads, cloud computing, ereaders and youtube all discussed in turn as the great emerging trends. (93% complete, at least 14 words missing)