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Summer always finishes fast and yet there is so much free time. A month or so before college starts, use that time to make sure that your transition from summer to college is smooth without bumps in the way. When your classes start, you won't have so much time.
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For millions of people, the goal of losing their dependence upon a car is desirable. Being able to get from point A to point B with out creating too much pollution or adding an excessive burden on their wallet is the aim. In fact, many of these alternative means of transportation add a bit of fun and enjoyment to the trip.
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Children love playing with cars, trucks, buses and trains. They pretend to ride horses and camels. They put boats in the bathtub and sail to other lands using their amazing powers of imagination. You can capture this interest to teach any area of the curriculum with these top ten transportation unit studies. Hop aboard the train to learning...
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