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Chat bots, sometimes called Chatter bots, can be great fun to mess around with in your spare time or even to pursue as an academic study. Over time they have grown more and more sophisticated, delivering responses that are increasingly life like. Herein, I will detail three of the most fun chat bots with information on how they can specifically be entertaining.
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The reasons why your website is not listed on Google explored. Many people find themselves asking, "why is my website not listed on Google"? Herein I hope to explain the main reasons why and offer solutions that are very easy to follow. Troubled webmasters read on!
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The three worst Final Fantasy characters revealed. Cait Sith is the worst, Wakka the second worst and Penelo the third worst.
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The top three Pulp Fiction characters revealed. The film pulp fiction had a great cast of characters, herein the top three will be revealed. (99% complete, at least 2 words missing)