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If you haven’t heard yet, Apple just announced the release of a new iPad Pro available for purchase later this year. Apple also announced new features on a newish Apple iPhone 6 and a newer Apple TV, but these didn’t impress analysts, spectators, consumers, or investors as much. Three best new features to look forward to in the new iPad are welcome...
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Children intuitively understand technology. We, as parents and educators, need to embrace this and make it part of their overall educational experience. Here are my recommendations for education apps for very young children. I recommend limiting the amount of time they use them, as creative play is still best for cognitive development at this stage. These...
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Looking for the best electronics reviews on TV's and tablets? Here a a few great ones. (35% complete, at least 129 words missing)
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Have you been thinking about Amazon's Kindle Fire? Amazon has truly found the perfect niche with this low-cost tablet/ebook reader. The Kindle Fire tablet hit the scene like a hurricane, and looks to be this year's blockbuster Christmas gift of choice. If you're curious about the Fire's stats, what it's like to use, and ways to tinker with it, the answer...
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Amazon Tablet
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The Kindle Fire is the dirt cheap new tablet form But there are a few things that many people do not know about this new tablet. (85% complete, at least 30 words missing)
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I have recently started with Wizzley (another revenue sharing site) and you might be interested to see how my articles there look like.
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Google Android
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Some of the best Android articles you can find. It's interesting what all can you do with an Android phone or an Android tablet. (72% complete, at least 55 words missing)
Kindle Fire vs IPAD
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Kindle Fire Vs. Apple IPAD. There has been a lot of action in both the Kindle fire and the Apple iPad world. Since the release of the very first Apple iPad that have been 3 iterations. The most recent, the Apple iPad 3, has been marked as a revolutionary tablet and used by hundreds of thousands of happy and excited Apple users. While Apple still has talks...
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A great Android-based iPad alternative, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer stands out in the crowd of other tablets. Here is a list of great cases for your new purchase. (91% complete, at least 18 words missing)
New Kindle 4 Series
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Amazon has unleashed a new series of Kindle. This series includes a Kindle Fire (Tablet), 6 separate types of Kindle Touch and of course the Newer versions of the classic Kindle Keyboard (80% complete, at least 39 words missing)