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An Insignificant Race Surreal Art
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Created by mikeb2010. Referrer: Alliax

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I truly enjoy doing surreal art. It is a great way for me to express my creativity and explore my imagination. Traditional art for me is boring. I don't want to just paint what I see, I want to re-imagine it. I want to make something other then what it is. On my new website I showcase the work I have done and will add new pieces as I create them. If you like...
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Surrealist Art
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Published by mikeb2010 introduced by Alliax
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I have been drawing and painting for quite a few years now and as such I have produced quite a number of art pieces. My interest in art started out with comic book characters, more specifically superheroes. In my second year of high school I was introduced to the art of Salvador Dali and surrealism. That's when I decided I wanted to be a surrealist...
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