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June 21, is the June solstice or the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. This is the day when then the daylight period is at its longest for the year. The summer solstice is an important date in many cultural calendars and has special significance to those who practice mysticism, paganism or Wicca. To mark the Summer Solstice I have rounded...
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Three Poems Celebrating Early Summer Includes Thoughts On Memorial Day, The Month Of May, and a Lonely Summer Cloud. (30% complete, at least 140 words missing)
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Want the gorgeous bronzed up summer look? Face looking a little pale and dull? Well self tanners can make a huge improvement. It is best to use a self tanner designed especially for you face because they are gentler, the tan is more natural and won't break out your skin. Here are the best facial tanners to try (45% complete, at least 110 words missing)
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If you have medium skin tone then you are in luck because you can choose either tanning formulas depending on how dark you want to go. Need a streak-free, no orange, easy to use self tanner? Well keep reading. (70% complete, at least 60 words missing)
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Fake tanners are great for those with olive skin tones as it can help offset the green undertones which makes your skin look warm and radiant. Gel formulas tend to work the best they are drier than cream formulas and tend to give a deeper tan. Confused which tanners to try? Then Keep Reading. (44% complete, at least 111 words missing)
Lake toys
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We've been looking at lake toys for the summer and we've found some of the best ways to have fun on the water this summer. Great for families and groups of friends. (57% complete, at least 85 words missing)

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Shade Sails are a great way to keep cool in the summer sun. Made from UV protective sail fabric, these sun shades look great and keep you safe in the sun. (56% complete, at least 88 words missing)
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Warmer weather is a time to celebrate and enjoy the outdoors. A picnic can be a great family event or a romantic time for couples. Either way, having a few of the right tools can make your picnic more fun. Here are some things to consider before setting out.
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