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We all start somewhere! even me.. my 1st time investing at 16. I lost money on cocophillips... But what a lesson learnt. I had the wrong mindset, the wrong attitude. I wasn't thinking long term and power that dividends and compounding returns could have. Now I do!!
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People who argue that the investment business is yawn-inducing or boring are sadly mistaken! After all, the business is often the butt of so many jokes, that you can't help but let out a chuckle. Here are some funny, sarcastic and creative ones. So, even if the market's been treating you badly today, these should help in lightening up your mood a bit. (70% complete, at least 59 words missing)
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Trying to keep on top of which Company is going up and which is going down will keep a person busy all day in doing the research and assessments which are required. Don't you agree? This Company was developed to service anyone who wants to make serious cash in the stock market also referred to as the equity market. Previous experience is not required...
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Penny Stocks are the biggest stock success story of the decade. There have been stories of people turning $100 into $1000 in a single days time. These are 4 things every investor should know before investing.
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