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We all start somewhere! even me.. my 1st time investing at 16. I lost money on cocophillips... But what a lesson learnt. I had the wrong mindset, the wrong attitude. I wasn't thinking long term and power that dividends and compounding returns could have. Now I do!!
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Trading in the graphene industry is the latest thing to make share traders smile. No other industry in its nascent state promises as much as the graphene industry, and a large part of this promise is a result of graphene's remarkable properties. The material is so versatile that it is currently being developed for use in the the fields of medicine,...
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Today with the high tech world of computers, investing has become easier than before. Why because we cannot get access to excellent tools and resources with a simple mouse click! Here are the top 3 tools that can come in handy. (78% complete, at least 43 words missing)
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People who argue that the investment business is yawn-inducing or boring are sadly mistaken! After all, the business is often the butt of so many jokes, that you can't help but let out a chuckle. Here are some funny, sarcastic and creative ones. So, even if the market's been treating you badly today, these should help in lightening up your mood a bit. (70% complete, at least 59 words missing)