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Swarovski crystal is famous and one of the most popular fashion brand in existence today. They have created a dazzling and bewildering assortment of jewelry, figurines, brooches, trinket boxes and specialised designs. Highly collectible, and very popular in beading, these pages give you somewhere to start... just find the topic that interests you, and go see what...
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Here are Michelle89 from Squidoo's best sites about making money and herself!
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The classic story of Rapunzel is getting a rewrite from Disney with the upcoming 'Tangled' - whether you're interesting in cosplaying the pretty long-haired princess they've created, or want to immerse yourself in the original story, these pages are the best Squidoo has to offer.
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Terry Pratchett is a fantastic, funny, and very clever writer, best known for his amazingly addictive Discworld serious. This is a list of reviews, related pages, obscure characters and things you might not have known about Pratchett's work.
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...and other LGBTQ characters! From popular culture to ancient Greece, singers to the military, some very interesting and inspiring people throughout history have fallen somewhere on the spectrum other than straight. There are some amazing personal stories out there, and this is a list of some of the best.
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So you're wandering around the internet and you realise that you're a bisexual, or trans, or just a little gay (there were probably cymbals and pianos playing the Kinsey Scales). What do you do now? Obviously you read about it! And find films to watch! But where do you start? Well, I guess you'll have to find some lists and reviews - and some of the best...
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Squidoo.com offers several different co-brands to make lenses. With different looks and styles, these different front-doors encourage different types of content and interaction. (98% complete, at least 4 words missing)
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My top 3 Squidoo pages are not only some of my most popular, but also my favorite. These are the pages I have put the most love and time into. They also show my personality the most. (70% complete, at least 59 words missing)