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Lately I've added some new Squidoo lenses to my account. Here are three of the new lenses. (22% complete, at least 155 words missing)
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Posted by Rosalyn777
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These are my top five Squidoo lenses in terms of ranking and traffic. (37% complete, at least 125 words missing)
Christmas coloring page
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Publisher: TilenHrovatic

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Christmas is almost here and it's time to print some coloring pages for yourself and for your children. Coloring pages are fun and it's a good way to spend some time with your family. Here you can find top 3 Squidoo lenses with lots of great and free colouring pages for Christmas. (60% complete, at least 79 words missing)
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Reviewed by Best Reviewer King
These are the highest rated lenses on Squidoo by TheSquidKing. TheSquidKing has been writing content for Squidoo since November of last year. As of today, he had created over 130 lenses from scratch. The ones listed below are the best of these lenses based on their ranks. Squidoo ranks lenses by taking into account a lot of factors like traffic, visitor...
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Authored by poddys
As a writer, I hope that each article that I publish will not only be well accepted by fans of my work, but also head off into the ether and get recognition in the wider world. As we all know, however, that doesn’t always happen. January 2011 has been one of those months where I have tried to write what I feel are interesting articles, and they...
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