Look for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games beautiful daughters - vote
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The beauty of a woman is a relative thing. However, I made a proposal for the most beautiful women athletes to the Olympics in Rio 2016. What is really beautiful? You can affect you. Vote. This list is a proposal. It is made so that the list find more beauty of various types: brown, black, blue ... a girl from America, Europe, Asia, Australia ... What...
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How Much Money Does Kevin Peter Pietersen Make?

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How Much Money Does Kevin Peter Pietersen Make? 2014 Income Salary. Kevin Pietersen is an English cricketer who was born in South Africa and is now due to play for Australia’s Melbourne Stars. By just entering into a contract to play for Melbourne Stars for a period of two years, Kevin Pietersen dived into the league of the highest paid cricket players,...

How Much Money Does Carlos Boozer Make?

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After shuttling between Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls basketball teams between 2004 and 2013, Carlos Boozer (born on November 20th, 1981), NBA’s veteran forward, has finally crossed over to Los Angeles Lakers after Lakers won the highest bid and rights over the tall (6 feet 9 inches, 120.7 kilograms) proven and seasoned basketball star (Bulls-280 games). How...
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These are my top 3 sports , mostly because I grew up playing these sports. (49% complete, at least 102 words missing)
San Diego wallpaper
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Some people consider the Chargers to be the epitome of "fair weather fans" begin to prove them wrong by grabbing some of these great Chargers wallpapers and background and showing your chargers spirit (41% complete, at least 118 words missing)
Colts wallpaper
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All fans of the Indianapolis Colts will love their team wallpaper. With the addition of Andrew Luck, there is a lot of reason to be energized for a great season, so enjoy the wallpaper (45% complete, at least 109 words missing)
Jets Wallpaper, pictures and fan page
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Are you a fan of the New York Jets? If you live in New York City you may very well be. Perhaps even from other parts of the country. The New York Jets are a great team with a story to traditional history. They were the first team to win a Super Bowl from the AFC Since that time the Jets of had some ups and downs many good years and many not so good...
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In days gone by it was airman and mariners who had GPS systems for navigation, however times have changed. The cost of GPS systems has drastically reduced in recent times and the uses for GPS systems has increased. GPS systems have many uses, such as for in car navigation, to navigate through the wilderness, for cycling purposes and for outdoor treasure...
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There are a few people who think that college sports coaches are not paid well. Actually, some college football head coaches earn almost the same salary as NFL coaches. Football is popular and well paid but what about the other sports? Well, the USA men's national basketball team is led by a college coach from University of Duke. You can imagine that...
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How Much Money Does Bob Stoops Make?

Robert Anthony Stoops (but everyboday calls him Bob) was born in 1960 and currently he is the third best paid college football coach. He was one-time All-Big Ten selection at defensive back at the University of Iowa in 1982. He started his coach career in 1989 and he leads the Oklahome Sooners since 1999. Under his guidance the Sooners won an Orange...