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When you have a spirited child with you, every day is an adventure. Going to the dentist, planning your family, planning your homeschool is just one big adventure. http://spirited-homeschool.blogspot.com/ (56% complete, at least 86 words missing)
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Having spirited children cooperate with a parent is one thing, but having them cooperate with a medical professional is a totally different matter. Here are some articles about visiting the doctor, dentist or going for shots. (73% complete, at least 54 words missing)
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Does dad help with schoolwork? Is a question that is frequently asked of homeschoolers. Answers vary, for some dad helps a lot while others he's not interested or not available to help. Here are some articles discussing dad's help in homeschooling spirited children. (76% complete, at least 48 words missing)
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Homeschooling a spirited child is not easy, here are a number of articles and comments from parents of spirited children who are homeschooled. http://www.spirited-homeschool.blogspot.com/ (37% complete, at least 126 words missing)
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Here is some really good advice from the Spirited-Homeschool blog at spirited-homeschool.blogspot.com (26% complete, at least 147 words missing)
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These articles are from the spirited-homeschool blog, but spirited is just a mild condition of ADHD or autistic. Many people wonder if their child is just spirited or something more like ADHD or autistic. Maybe these articles will help. (46% complete, at least 107 words missing)
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These are articles about homeschooling the child who is more difficult to parent than most. The challenge to homeschool is therefore even greater. I hope these will help encourage you. (42% complete, at least 116 words missing)
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When you have a blog or write repeatedly on a topic it's good to have a FaceBook Fan Page on the same topic. The first 3 are the ones I run, the fourth is run by my friend, but I sometimes contribute to it. (39% complete, at least 122 words missing)
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Homeschooling a spirited child is not easy. Here are some article to help the parent of the homeschooled spirited child. Here is the spirited child book Raising Your Spirited Child Rev Ed: A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic (93% complete, at least 14 words missing)