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The constant social media usage has become not only a permanent way of life, but a daily resourceful technology tool for millions of loyal users that's been totally changing how we communicate and digitally connect online with one another, whether trying to gain as many onscreen likes, views and fellow followers or through photo sharing. Also, its allowed...
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How Much Money Does AK-47 Make?

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Satirical and maybe humorous, Creative-Mind, Joyful-Heart, Your 'Lover & Friend'
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Chime is a new social networking websites that have been lunched recently with a vision to change the sharing experience from a Social Media build around people to interests media built around topic and interests itself.
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How To Use Social Media Marketing Effectively
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Social Media Marketing is very vital when you work online. Whether you are trying to build your business or a blog effective social media marketing is important. Knowing how to create back links and utilizing keywords properly can either make or break your site traffic. Here are a few helpful resources to show you how to optimize your social media marketing. (94% complete, at least 12 words missing)
Blogspot Blogs
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My best blogspot blogs for the year 2011 and I am sharing these online. It's constructed and maintained through my own motivation to be part of the internet marketing.
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Twitter's popularity has grown in all aspects of life, if you want to tweet with friends or promote your business among the followers, or share links to them. But with a limited feature available on Twitter, it's hard to get everything at its best. For this comes the need to install various applications of Twitter. Twitter applications are the third-party...
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There is no fun in just a few friends, you will find that with more friends and friends of friends to strangers, Facebook is the place to discuss everything under the sun down to a wider audience, to get more response you get what from your friends. Here are some tips to help you get more fans on Facebook.
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This blog post lists 20 websites, blogs, forums or publisher who follow "Do Follow" terminology.If you are looking to win "link juice" to your website or blog, then it is very important and crucial to know which sites and what use are adapted STOP policy. Since then, when Google and all the big sites and players search engines have started after "no follow"...
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Here is a list of three of my favorite social media websites. You can learn more about them here. If you have some other opinions, or other sites that are you favorite, then please post them below!
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Sites for Small Business Social Media Success
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For a small business, it is hard to find anything more, "important" than having a successful social media strategy. What the the best sites to execute an great social media strategy? (18% complete, at least 164 words missing)