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3 site ideas for you to do if you dare/care...

Hi, I have some ideas for new sites but unfortunately I can't make the sites since it involves also promoting them and adding content, managing them, etc. And I simply don't have enough time already with what I have, so adding some more is stupid at the moment, maybe later.
So I give you those ideas, none are original, I mean there are certainly things being done already like those, but it's not like they are sites about weight loss either, the competition would be low in any case and who's afraid of that kind of competition anyway? :-)

Here they are:

Membership Sites Blueprint
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I suppose you know what a membership site model is. These proven business models are all around us, club memberships, gyms, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, the list is endless. And this is similar, only thing is that it’s online. This membership site model is simply an online community where the members will be able to access premium content...
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