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In a climate where job loss is high, income low and bills don’t stop just because you got laid off or are taking time off to have kids, making money online can certainly seem like a life saver. The current trend in online get rich quick schemes comes in the form of websites that offer payment to complete surveys and offers, or to write product reviews....
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Fiverr clone is not a Scam, just a Fiverr script!
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Fiverr is a great concept, here's how to master the basics of fiverr and its many clones. Don't worry the real Fiverr is not a scam. But be aware that many sites out there have tried to repeat Fiverr's success by quickly installing a Fiverr script call a Fiverr clone. In those sites you won't have the choice of gigs that you have on!
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If you are a frequent user of the Internet and you have your own email address, then certainly you also receive a handful of daily unsolicited emails from unknown recipients. It`s fundamental to identify those which are only attempts to scam people.
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