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Go for happy, refreshing treatments of modern design in your home decor. Give a space more snap, pop and a punch of dramatic style. Go a little brighter, more defined or express a creative contemporary look in your living spaces. Focus on the style impact of color on every wall or just on an accent wall. Show style and elegant personality with a mixture...
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Make relaxation at home a significant part of your decorating style. Dress your home surroundings with accents of elegance that touch the senses. Splurge on special luxuries for your rooms. Scented candles, fresh flowers, soft accent rugs and silky soft throw pillows increase the personal luxury of pampering. A decorative theme of relaxation is happiness...
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Transform an attic into a getaway, a personal suite, an extra storage space or a guest bedroom. Treat an attic makeover as a style update or a luxury remodel. Decorate the attic in your home with creative ideas inspired by high end interior design and your personal taste. Maximize an attic with modern style that highlights and defines elegance. Create...
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