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We all know that in front of the cameras our favorite actors will beat the bad guys and save the day. We don't usually expect them to be even MORE badass when they're just being themselves. That's why these 10 very public figures are worthy of note for more than just how many blockbusters they have under their collective belts.
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Are you waiting for wrestle mania 28 but cant watch match due to work or any other problem then here we show match results of wrestle mania 28 of all matches like The Rock vs John Cena " Once in a lifetime match (Never Again Never Before)", CM Punk vs Chris Jericho & other matches as well.
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As much as I hear about the great Lou Thez or Bruno Samartino, or even Gorgeous George, these are not wrestlers who I had grown up with. This list of eight consist of those who I've grown up with and had me wanting to be more of fan within ever match that they've performed in. So on that note, let's get the wrestlers shall we. By the way, this is not in any order...
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On 14 February 2011 Monday Night Raw, The Rock announced that he will be return back to WWE WrestleMania 27 in this coming April. Holy cow! I'm a big fans of The Rock and been waiting this news for 7 years since his last appearances on the stage. No doubt that Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" is a good actor and staring hero role in several movies such as Faster,... (93% complete, at least 13 words missing)