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Here at last, new poems from Artyfax. I recently wrote a list of my favourite poems written many years ago and following this I decided to start writing again. Mainly for fun and the creative exercise. I challenged myself to write a poem a day - I did not put a time limit on the project but decided to see how it would run. I was hoping that I would...
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A few short poems about summer may help you reminisce during the summertime or any time of the year about the memories that summer holds for you. (28% complete, at least 143 words missing)
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A few short poems about summer may help you reminisce during the summertime or anytime of the year about the memories that summer holds. Start a new family tradition or a few of lasting happy summer memories. (48% complete, at least 103 words missing)
a shower of gold
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I have a confession, I am a closet poet. I have been reviewing a number of poems (and lyrics) which I wrote many years ago during my youth. These have remained unpublished and largely hidden away in old, dusty notebooks. There are close to 200 of them, not counting those that I eventually discarded after careful consideration, after realising that they...
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I hereby introduce you to 20 websites where the visual artist, writer, web and multimedia developer JoachimArtist shows his work and life. He is in business for over 30 years. His work was in numerous shows all over the world, and he won several prizes for as well: his art, writings, web developments and multimedia creations
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Christians celebrate Easter as the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. In honor of this special occasion many Easter prayers and poems are shared on this day. (39% complete, at least 122 words missing)
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These Easter Christian poems for children are poems for young elementary school aged children. They are fun expressive and enjoyable. (40% complete, at least 120 words missing)
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During this favorite time of the year it's enjoyable to take time out. So when you do, stop and read some relaxing and fun poetry. Christmas poems I like may become a few favorites of yours if they aren't already. (74% complete, at least 52 words missing)
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I love old century poets. The words they used and expressions have always excited my senses. I've always enjoyed reading their works and putting myself in that place and time. (45% complete, at least 109 words missing)
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These are a few enjoyable poems for Christmas for kids that they can read or recite at any Christmas event. One of the poems is an acrostic for nine children. It has great ideas included with it to help make the poem even more exciting. (45% complete, at least 109 words missing)