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Managing your time means that you are able to accomplish more. It is with the scheduling and structuring of the time you have that fell like you can fit more into your day.
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Mini-Retirement Possibilities
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A mini-retirement is the idea that retirement need not only be wasted on the aged. The idea is simple. A few times in everyone's life they should take a few months off to simply enjoy life. In these tough economic times that may not be something that is "easy" to do. A mini-retirement takes effort hard work and careful planning
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Summer always finishes fast and yet there is so much free time. A month or so before college starts, use that time to make sure that your transition from summer to college is smooth without bumps in the way. When your classes start, you won't have so much time.
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Succeeding through taking a break
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We all need a break. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It can be tough when you are trying to start your own business to give yourself a little rope. What if you hang yourself with it? But there are some really good reasons tto take a little break every now and then.
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