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No one starts out aiming to work in a job that doesn’t exactly pay handsomely. However, not every role in the economy can keep you in designer threads and caviar. In fact – given rises in house prices and the cost of living – many jobs now will only just keep the wolf from the door. However, there are some jobs where the salaries are far lower...
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How Much Money Does President Obama Make?

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It was recently reported that, our President gets approximately $400,000.00 per year, and even when his term is done, he's getting approximately $180,000.00 for life. Since we're all taking cuts in work time and pay, how about chopping off a few dollars from that amount to make jobs for others huh?!

How Much Money Does Xavi Hernandez Make?

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Xavi is the key footballer of Spain and Barcelona. He is considered as one of the best footballer in the world. He has got the creativity and skills. He is the main play maker of spain and Barcelona. He won the Fifa 2010 worldcup. He also won many trophies for his club Barcelona. He earns good amount of money annually. what do you think about xavi's...

How Much Money Does Andres Iniesta Make?

Andres Iniest Lujan is a spanish footballer. He is one of the best midfielder in the world. He won the FiFa 2010 worldcup for Brazil. His creativity and skills also helped the spanish giant club barcelona win many major tournaments. He scored the winning goal against netherland in the Worldcup final to make spain as the world champion. He truely deserves...
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Ah summer. To relax by the pool or get to work. If you have decided on the latter, read on to find out the top three summer jobs. (40% complete, at least 120 words missing)

How Much Money Does a Blogger Make?

That's how much Arianna Huffington makes from her Huffington Post. But she's not doing the blogging by herself. She has a staff and a long list of bloggers to fill her site everyday. Same with Michael Arrington of techcrunch, who's earning about $400,000 a month. He has also a bunch of techies and writers. In the U.S., the minimum wage is $7.25 to $8.67...