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When the summer season approaches, amusement parks usually become a big hit among many. Families and friends plan out the trip and look to escape their normal routine for a day of fun and relaxation! If you live in Maryland, or if you will be visiting the state, then there are a few amusement parks to consider visiting. The parks include rides, games,...
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If you are a resident of Maryland, you may be looking to leave the state to do something fun. Everyone needs a break from their regular schedule. Taking a trip out of the state can help you to take the break you need. But what will you do on your road trip? Visit an amusement park! There are a few amusement parks near Maryland to check out, and they...
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Evansville, Indiana is located in the Midwest of the United States near Kentucky and Illinois. Close to several interstates and state highways, this city that sits on the north side of the Ohio River has a lot to offer visitors and residents.
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My list of Kentucky’s 5 best State Parks I live in Kentucky and have visited most of the state parks. These are the ones I go to the most. There are so many things to see and do at these parks.
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