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We are a Filipino community of writers united as one, to reach-out our goals in the future. We have a blog to enable our spirits and enthusiasm, which delivers the necessity of being a member. And, has a forum to interact our talents and skills in improving our trade to the fullest. We invite every one of any race and nationalities to join us in perfecting...
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Club Flashback Radio is the newest 100% FREE Social Community Website where you can upload and share photos and videos, post blogs, email friends, leave picture comments on your friends profile and more Club Flashback Radio also has a LIVE internet radio broadcast with a live chat room (73% complete, at least 54 words missing)
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Written by opajdara introduced by Alliax

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The dating websites today attend to every ethnicity, special interest, fetish, even financial aspirations of their members. But whatever happened to good old FUN? Isn’t it still the main ingredient of successful dating? If you agree with me on that, then this dating list is for you! This is only an overview. To read the full article check out the Top 10 Fun Innovative...
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