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Another year has almost come and gone and that means it's time to update your calendars. Whether you're looking for a fun calendar to hang in your kitchen or office or a neat gift that almost anyone can use, one of these calendars should fit the bill.
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Have you misplaced your pencils again? Are you looking for a place to keep your pens, markers, paper clips, rubber bands, and other supplies? Why not design your own pencil holder? Instead of throwing away that empty tin can in your house, turn it into something more useful. With a little paint, construction paper (as an alternative to paint), ribbon,...
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Being comfortable when you work can increase your productivity and assure your work day is more pleasant. Whether you work in an office within a company or in your own home office, finding a few tools to keep you comfortable isn't hard to do. Here are some key items to consider.
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The specific type of business you do in your home office will of course dictate what supplies and equipment you need. However, it's a given that you'll want some type of desk and chair, a computer, probably a file cabinet or something similar for keeping important documents, reports, receipts, and other papers, and certainly a phone. Cordless phones...
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