Jellyfish stings
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Some of my favorite creatures to watch in an aquarium are the jellyfish. They float so gracefully with long tendrils trailing so delicately. They are mesmerizing and fun to photograph. Jellyfish look harmless, but are quite the opposite.
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Written by TurtleDog
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I thought I'd write a sort of guide / fact list on triggerfish spread out over a couple of articles. Hopefully they help you to better identify, cook, catch and learn a bit about the trigger fish. The triggerfish is one of the coolest fish I've caught off the New Jersey bay. Sure there are plenty of other fish that are better to eat, fish for, or learn...
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Published by Puzzlemaker whose referrer is poddys

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Every ocean-related ornament you can think of! I've listed my favorite nautically themed ornaments in 5 different sections. These are ornaments I'd put on my own tree. Bright, festive and they all remind me of salt water days and living at the beach. (65% complete, at least 69 words missing)
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Composed by Debbie Dunn referred by Alliax
Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? If you have, perhaps this will bring back some happy memories. If you haven't, perhaps this will make you wish to go there. My husband and I go there once or twice a year and love it! Which is your favorite beach to go to? What is it about that particular beach that most attracts you? Personally for me, Myrtle...
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