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The 2016 Chase is gearing up. Following last week's Chicago race, new drivers emerged as frontrunners for the championship. While other drivers had a streak of bad luck putting their championship dreams up in smoke. With the second race at New Hampshire, all eyes are going to be set to see whose Chase dreams are still alive.
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The 16 driver field was set following last Saturday's Richmond race. With a mixture of veteran drivers and rookies, these men will be vying for the coveted Sprint Cup trophy. But every three weeks, 4 drivers will see their dreams dashed. The Chase's first round will begin this weekend in Chicago and end in Dover. Which drivers stand a chance of being...
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NASCAR’s second road course race of the season will take place this Sunday at Watkins Glen. Much like Sonoma, Watkins Glen is filled with twists and turns, which makes for an exciting race. Add in the fact, there’s 5 races left until The Chase begins, things are starting to heat up. Let’s take a look at the top contenders heading into this weekend’s...
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This Sunday, NASCAR will host its third biggest race of the year, The Brickyard 400. Any race fan will tell you that Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a monumental track in racing history. For 22 years, Nasser has visited the track every July for one of its most important races. Throughout the years, many drivers have had the honor going to Victory Lane...
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Nascar tracks can break down a driver. Some of the top drivers have a rough time dealing with different elements. Drivers have to deal with extreme heat and other crazy situations.
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