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Matthew Good may be one of the under-rated musicians of our time. He is a Canadian musician, formerly of the Matthew Good Band. He has been making great music since the early 90's, and hasn't slowed down yet. If you live in Canada, you surely know many of his songs from the radio and his tours. The rest of the world, unfortunately, hasn't been exposed...
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How Much Money Does Michael Bublé Make?

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Michael Bublé ranked fifth on the Forbes list "The World's 25 Highest-Paid Musicians". He was born in 1975 in Canada (British Columbia). He is a singer and songwriter mainly in jazz and pop genres. Bublé won two Grammy awards and his album "Call Me Irresponsible" was number one hit on the Billboard 200.

How Much Money Does Adam Sandler Make?

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Adam Sandler is a very popular personalities of modern time. He is an actor , a producer, film director , musician and a comedian as well. How many person have you seen with that much talent. Because of all of his talent currently he is earning 50 million us dollars per month. His movies are usually earning huge money in hollywood. He is married and he has 2 childreen...

How Much Money Does Russell Crow Make?

Russell Crow is a popular actor from new Zealand. He is currently making 28 million us dollars as you can see how fast his salary is increasing. He is also a very good musician. At the beginning his career he started as a musician but later came to acting and got huge success. He is also well known for the movie "Robin hood" . Now tell me how much did he earn...