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Relationships are a lot of work, especially in modern times with so many other distractions. To make any relationship work, one must follow a few basic tenets. Being honest, open and communicative will help any relationship stay healthy. Overt time though, people change a lot, which can cause strife. Many people are not aware of the inevitable change...
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In today's world, there is all kinds of strain on married couples. One only has to look at the divorce rate and general upheavals that couples report seemingly daily to notice that demands and expectations on people's romantic lives are unprecedented. Naturally, people want to look for places to turn so that they can regroup and reform the connection...
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It seems these days that divorce is becoming more and more common. Kids in our schools routinely have a stepmom or a stepdad. I am sure there are some good reasons for divorce: like affairs, or abuse, or addiction. But what are the best reasons for NOT getting a divorce? Here they are, listed here:
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What makes a relationship work? From traditional roles to modern and flexible, love at first sight or partners in crime, we all have our own ideas on that one key ingredient. Here is a few musings on just what is needed for a healthy, successful relationship (52% complete, at least 95 words missing)
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Yes, Wayne wrote of her often, well...he loved her! (30% complete, at least 139 words missing)
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Are you purchasing property in Arizona. Look to these top 4 articles before closing. (45% complete, at least 109 words missing)
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Loving a husband can't be that hard, right? Husbands are just humans, after all, right? Here are seven great ways to love your husband. Try them today, if you dare!
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What are the most popular honeymoon destinations in the U.S? These 5 honeymoon destinations have been popular with newly married couples for decades. You can't go wrong choosing one of these destinations.
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In a child’s education an important factor is the parents’ expertise for this “job”. No one is born holding all the knowledge, but we can learn and understand some things from books or advice from qualified persons.
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