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Author: Rosalyn777

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Lately I've added some new Squidoo lenses to my account. Here are three of the new lenses. (22% complete, at least 155 words missing)
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Squidoo is a great article writing website that is easily accessible to everyone. You can write a lens about almost any subject and then easily add Amazon modules to monetize it. Below are some great lenses that are currently earning money on Squidoo.
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Authored by TilenHrovatic

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Here are top ten Squidoo lenses made by the lensmaster TilenHrovatic.
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Listening to what other Lensmasters have to say about Squidoo can help you improve your lenscrafting. The lenses featured in this top are from a few basic categories: Great lenses, Earning Money on Squidoo, Earning Points in the Monster Game and finally (and most importantly) following the rules of Squidoo to be a success.
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