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Mandala stained glass coloring page. Source:  Dover Publications
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Paper crafts are fun for adults as well as kids. These coloring pages, origami downloads, and cut out paper dolls let you be a kid again with just a few supplies. (93% complete, at least 14 words missing)

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It's fun to entertain children with their favorite characters. Now you can do so for a Strawberry Shortcake fan at home. Learn more about these Strawberry Shortcake crafts! (19% complete, at least 161 words missing)
Sock Puppet by kittycooks
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Kids love crafts and these easy to make projects will entertain your children for hours. (45% complete, at least 110 words missing)
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Get the best kids sewing machines and sewing equipments. Also get creative sewing projects that can be done by kids!
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If you are looking for free lessons, science projects, free school activities, arts, crafts and links to many other learning tools give this a try. (66% complete, at least 68 words missing)
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There are many crafts activities that a kid can do, and here are the top 3 crafts ideas that kid will enjoy love doing. Both parents and kids can have fun doing these crafts activities.
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