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Ever try to type in a dim room? Sure, most keyboards have that raised bump on the 'F' and 'J' keys. But sometimes, trying to find those starting points in an already darkened room can be a pain. The solution? Typing on a self-illuminated keyboard. Suddenly, it's like having your very own airplane landing guide leading your fingers directly to the target. Maybe...
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The iPad is wonderful but it doesn't have a keyboard. If you want to do some serious typing you really need a keyboard. You can get a traditional one, or a Bluetooth keyboard. You can get a keyboard for it and here are a number to choose from:
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Not too long ago, my wife mentioned a friend of hers couldn't find a good LED lighted keyboard in the price range she was looking. I jumped in, and found more illuminated keyboards than you could shake a stick at. After a lot of research, these are the top backlighted keyboards out there, in three price ranges: Budget, for under $25; Average, for around...
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